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"the great thing in this world is not so much where you stand, as in which direction you are moving"
Oliver Wendell Holmes



E-SJ4000 Full HD ActionGo

The ActionGo is the perfect action sports camera for those that don't require all the functionality of it's main rivals.

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E-SJ4000HD ActionGo

1080P HD action sports camera. More definition and depth resulting in a truly high definition film capture. Perfect for all you need.

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ESJ4000 Wifi

With the capabilities to transfer efortlessy through wifi, getting your current action and adventure moments online has never been easier.

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EKGV08s Smart Watch

Ultra stylish ultra smart and full of surprises, this smart watch has all the functions you will need ...just needs you to connect

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EKGT08 Smart Watch

Make and receive calls, send and receive text messages, surf the internet plus many more functions, simple and easy to use

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EKDZ09 Smart Watch

Smart, intelligent and stylish, this smart watch will keep you up to date with the media world using sim or bluetooth.

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EKT03 Smart Watch

Connect effortlessly through bluetooth and enjoy the full range of apps available, messages, calls and many more functions of this smart phone

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EK6000 Dash Camera

With Full HD recording the EK6000 will keep an eye on the road while you drive. Built in G-Sensor and 140 degree High Resolution A+ Wide Angle Lens. 

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EGS8000L Dash Camera

Adopting sophisticated large 2.7 inch screen super clear picture and high definition world. Super night vision and Motion detecting automatically.

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EKBT019 Speaker

With a built-in microphone, it supports hands-free when answering calls. Support phone redial, and telephone number reporting function.

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LED Speaker Bulb

Simply screw in the LED Smart Bulb, download the free app to your mobile device, and you can enjoy the music and lights at your fingertips. Fits E27 sockets.

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Available as 20000mah or 30000mah, these powerbanks will recharge all your portable devices at least twice or 3 times.

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Sat Navigation

Choose from 5 or 7 inch satellite navigation systems with free UK & Europe maps. MP3 & MP4 capability for streaming and playing music.

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EKBT20 Speaker

A Mini Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker,  Handsfree, with Subwoofer and MP3 Player, Mic, FM Radio, USB & Micro SD Card Slot

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